GRAPES TO GLASS: A visual guide on how wine is produced

This infographic was part of an assignment for Post Graduate Communication Studies: Digital Visual Communications. The aim of the brief was to illustrate a process in infographic form that could be understood by someone 'off the street'.  I chose wine as it is already a complicated process and everything online was in written in a way I struggled to understand (I have zero wine making knowledge).  This involved heavy research I then implemented into creating a graphic that would communicate what I just learnt in an easy process. All elements were designed by me, including the icons. This was designed in a landscape traditional international paper ratio as it allows the viewer to see all the information presented to them at once, so they can visually see the process as a whole, weather it is print or screen to then follow the process in detail. 


DROWNING HAPPINESS: A look into Coca Cola's world domination in parallel to the rising obesity epidemic

This infographic was part of a Post Graduate Communication Studies: Global Crisis and the Media with the aim of the assignment was to work on current global 'crisis' and create visual media to effectively illustrate an underlining message. This infographic illustrates statistics sourced from credible resources to visually show the rising obesity epidemic to question the viewer if it is a coincidence or not that global growth and development of the Coca Cola brand is related to the rising rate of global obesity.  Infographics are a powerful asset in visualising statistics to manipulate the viewer to read the statistic the way you want them to.  This infographic was designed in a long portrait format as it forces the reader to read down in a visual 'scroll' rather than see all the information to them at once so the brain can process the information as the eye scrolls down. (Notice how you read this on your screen you have to scroll down to see the whole thing allowing you to take in one piece of information at a time).